Jessica Schultz - Nursery Director

At Le Mars Bible Church we provide a loving, caring, clean, and safe environment. There is a fully packed play room that can be divided into an infant side and toddler side when needed. Our caregivers are accountable and background checked. Each one volunteers because they love young children. There is access to a cry room/nursing mother's room as well as their own bathroom suited for smaller children. All Infants under the age of 3 are welcome, so you can thoroughly enjoy hearing the message of Gods word.

Pager system

Each parent is given a small pager when they check their child into the nursery.
If a parent is needed during the service, a nursery volunteer will page them so that they can return to the nursery.

Our Commitment to parents

1. Safety and security

  • We commit to making our nursery a safe and secure area for your children. We will do everything we can to make sure that your child has an enjoyable experience.

2. Background Checks

  • We require every adult volunteer to complete a background check before they are allowed to serve in the nursery. We take safety very seriously.
3. Accountability
  • We staff at least one adult during all nursery slots
  • LBC has installed security cameras in our nursery and the footage is periodically reviewed by the LBC staff.